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Cook the Farm


Cook the Farm was a life changing experience and I don’t say that lightly, I was so lucky not only to be able to participate in this program but also see this program come to life.  I first became connected to the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in the fall of 2014 just before I […]

The Power of Herbs & A Frittata Recipe


I’m back here today to talk about herbs. Over the past couple years they have become indispensable in my kitchen from my everyday salads where I love getting a bite of a torn basil or mint leaf to a sprinkle of parsley over almost any dish as it brightens everything to sprigs of thyme which […]

The 2016 Garden.

husk cherries 01

Garden Joy. I’ve been told and inquired about my garden more than a few times this past week with comments like “your garden looks like a magical place”. From my Instagram maybe you have imagined a beautiful backyard full of vegetables and flowers which it is far from (the power of editing and the beauty […]

Tomato Simplicity.

roman kitchen 01

I’ve been meaning to write and I’ve thought about it a lot. I want to tell you about the herb/flower frittata, the courgette carbonara, tzatziki, nothing fancy but just simple things that have been on heavy rotation in my Toronto kitchen (though the current dessert at the moment on replay is ready for you here […]


favas 01

The photo above was one of my favourite daily neighbourhood scenes I would see in Testaccio, the fifth quarter where I was living for the month of April. One of the realizations of my time abroad was understanding what my European friends would talk about when they said they missed the produce of their country. […]